- Training and Internship Project -


The entities offering the internships will benefit from the competence of young professionals. They will have much less difficulty to integrate their interns since these will have participated in pre-internship training and will have professional mentors at their disposal during the internship. 


The interns will acquire a significant professional experience. Furthermore, those receiving internships will have benefited from guidance, training, practical and technical competence, privileged contacts and a recognition of their achievements in order to better engage themselves on the job market. 

Partnership with Institutions Offering Internships 

We seek out organizations with needs in several areas such as (but not limited to) management and administration, social services, engineering, catering and accommodation services. 


Recruiting of Participants

The first phase of the selection process will consist of a series of training courses aimed at the specific needs of SMEs and other organizations that have partnered with us. Once the fields are determined, an online platform will enable candidates to apply. They will have to make proof of good academic performance, innovative spirit, leadership and community engagement.


Training of Participants

Graduating and recent graduates are chosen to partake in our cohorts. The selected participants will receive training in employability. They will benefit from the support they receive in their job search by completing activities such as writing resumes, preparing for interviews, mastering of ethics, etc.

Guiding the Interns 

Participants will be trained on job search techniques, information and strategies on job retention, and career development. During the internship, the participants selected will be under the supervision of a mentor with whom they may consult for guidance on their performance. We will offer the support of a seasoned professional as a mentor in an effort to reduce the pressure and cost of training on the recipient organization. Thus, the mentoring process for their socio-professional integration will be done with the help of coaches and mentors, before, during and after their internship placement.

Selection of the Execution Zone

The pilot phase will be conducted in Port-au-Prince, due to the number of universities and vocational centers, companies, organizations and institutions located there. This will facilitate the recruitment and selection of participating entities and also the delivery of training, management and evaluation of the pilot phase of the project, since the majority of the project organizers are living in Port-au-Prince.