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"There should be some structures in place to help the youth acquire the necessary skills to increase their employability."

- Fritz-Gerald Louis, Electro-mechanical engineer.

-Our Purpose-

PUSH was developed in response to the alarming unemployment rates among young Haitian professionals. Currently in its pilot stage, PUSH aims to bridge the widening gap between post-secondary studies and the Haitian job market.

-Our Project-

Training and Internship Project PUSH

building1. We establish partnerships with private and public entities with needs in human capital.    

universite2. We visit universities and vocational schools to identify their most promising students. 

etudiants3. With the help of post-secondary institutions and our general application procedures, we then recruit current and recent graduates who are talented and able to respond to the needs of the partner entities.

stages4. The participants undergo a training on professional etiquette. 

mentors5. The participants are guided by mentors and coaches who train and accompany them in the acquiring of necessary talents for the job market.  


reussite6. The participants are placed in a 3-6 month internship, acquire professional and practical experience and become part of a network that will contribute to the increasing of their employability.

-The Team-



Jean-Pierre Vertil 



Smiff Lormier


Head of Finances

Sainte-Fanie Jean-Baptiste

Sainte-Fannie Jean-Baptiste


Head of Follow Up and Evaluation 

Léa Perceval 

PUSH counts about thirty collaborating members working assiduously. These collaborators were for the most part participants from the biggest youth forum in Haiti, Elan Haïti 2016, and live in different parts of the world- see the map below. We are proving that we are able to use technology, different means of communication, discipline, rigor and perseverance to realize a concrete and promising project.

-Our Partners-